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The Revelation of Corruption

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Previous Chapters

Spring 2018

It was the end of March. It would be the last time I entered Wofford Heights Foursquare Church (other than for a funeral). I drove up, parked, and saw Neal standing at the door, waiting for me. I needed to collect my things from my former office and around the church facility. I had to make an appointment with the secretary and was told I needed to have an escort by my side. Apparently he would be my escort. It was a somber moment. We were both crying, but for very different reasons. There were a few boxes near the doorway, containing most of what they believed to be mine, set as close to the exit as possible. I walked up and encountered "compassionate Neal". That's the best way I could describe him. For those who know this man, they understand what I mean. You don't know what you're going to get, until you're in the room with him. For those who know the type of person I've been describing in these posts, you also understand this: Even though I encountered compassionate man, it could change, at any moment. But on this occasion, I had compassionate Neal the entire time. He was my favorite. He was genuine. It's why I wanted to be around him in the first place. I wish this personality was the predominate one.

We went room by room, floor by floor, talking about events, history, and good times over the past four years while gathering small items along the way. It felt like a divorce. We ended the facility tour back in the "catch all" room on the first floor, next to the parking lot. There was a battered, round, white folding table with a few dented metal chairs scattered around it. The air was cold. Old green carpet adorned the floor. It smelled of mold. We both sat and tears flowed. It was very silent. For a long time, we cried. I was not mourning the loss of a friendship; I didn't believe that Neal and I would stop communicating at this point. I was mourning the loss of a church family, the loss of the idea that together we could accomplish more, the loss of all the families who had been hurt, and the loss that I couldn't help Neal see past himself. I failed him. And I knew it, even then. He was mourning something different. I didn't know what it was until months later. You won't know until you read about our next meeting, which happened in June of 2018. And yes, it will be in this post.

After the long tearful silence, I spoke. "This might be the end of us working together daily, but we can't let our disagreements or issues stop us from communicating and getting together. I think we should have breakfast once a week. We can talk about our families. Talk about the weather. Talk about things we can agree on. That way, there won't be division, even if we have two separate churches. This isn't about us, it's about people. I also want you to know I'm not against you, I'm just not with you anymore." He agreed it would be good, through tear filled eyes. We hugged. He walked me out, helping me carry everything to the car. I drove away...

We never met for breakfast. We never met again until June. Why? He said it was too painful for him. I texted, at first weekly, to set up a time to meet. Additional phone calls went unanswered. I texted, saying that it would only cause deeper pain if he didn't work through whatever he was feeling. There was no response -- until June. I now know the reason. And soon you will as well. Let's return to the end of the last chapter....

The Ultimatum (revisited)

A week earlier, Neal had fired me over the phone. Bill Chaney & James Ranger witnessed it. You read about it in the last chapter and saw Bill's response email to that call. It happened -- there is proof -- regardless of the current Neal Narrative. Feel free to Re-read Bill's Email Response from the last chapter, then read Neal's texts in context below.

A Very Long Letter
Download PDF • 325KB

Bill called Neal and chewed him out. That's my summary of Bill's email response. Neal texted me after that call, rescinding the termination by saying he did not communicate clearly. See texts below.

The Ultimatum Conversation (revisited)

Location recap: We had been sitting in Neal's truck at Camp 9 overlooking Lake Isabella. Neal spotted James Ranger's fishing boat, and we went out to him to talk. Once that talk was over, Neal and I stepped off the boat, and headed back to his truck. Neal began laying out his plan to tell leaders in the church about our departure. He wanted to gather them all together, in three days time, and he would share why Stacy and I were leaving. I wouldn't be in attendance. Or if I was in attendance, I wouldn't be sharing the "why." I would only be allowed to publicly support Neal and Amie. I didn't shoot his plan down, but told him I'd be letting our family and close friends know about the "why." And I'd be doing it before his leader's meeting. I didn't want our friends finding out in a general church meeting. He wanted to know who I'd be talking with. I didn't offer that information to him. He didn't like it at all.

Over the next few days, we talked with our family and friends. In their homes or at ours. It was so painful. If they also served as a leader in the church or attended the church, we asked them NOT to leave with us. Why? Because we weren't looking to split a church. We weren't thinking, "Us vs Them." We didn't want reactionary emotion-of-the-moment decisions. We just wanted to share the "why."

After Neal held his leader meeting, we had multiple people reaching out to us, asking why we were leaving. I had sent this email to Bill Chaney at the time, sharing the details. The picture shows the date/time stamp. (The text of this email is written out below the picture)

March 21, 2018 - Email reply to Bill, after Neal met with leaders. The last paragraph refers to additional people who we had not met with individually, but with whom Neal had met with during his leader's meeting.

(click on the arrow to expand)

Email to Bill - March 21, 2018

Our initial response to these leaders and friends asking questions was simple. I stated it in an earlier post:

Neal fired me over the phone for rebellion, un-fired me after a call from Bill, presented me with an ultimatum that required me to break relationships with people, and I resigned.

It wasn't a lot more than that. And not one of them said they wanted to leave the church but appreciated us coming to them to share. Each time the question was asked, "What are you going to do next?" Our response was simply that we didn't fully know, but we did know this: we weren't leaving the valley, we still would pastor, and we wouldn't be doing it with Neal and Amie. That's about all we knew. So that's what we shared. No details about abuse. No bad talking the Prestons. We told an overview of the "why." You don't have to take my word for it. Ask any of them. No one knew the story, until now.

One of those friends Stacy and I had spoken with (also a leader in the church) then requested a meeting with Neal. They wanted to hear his recounting of the events. That's wisdom. But Neal was furious. How dare I talk to one of his leaders without him present? People had become pawns instead of friends. More on that later. An emergency supervisor meeting with Bill Chaney was set. Damage control time. But not before he "powered up" with Bill to try one more time to get me in line...

The Supervisor Meeting - March 23, 2018

Exactly 5 years this post's release day...

The Prayer Room. That's what we called it. A small room tucked behind the main sanctuary in the Foursquare Church. It was a small room, no more than 12 people, close together, could fit inside. A strip of mountain filled wallpaper split the wall from floor to ceiling. Green carpet and the scent of history bounced off the walls. It felt like a small library, an important library. We gathered here on most Sunday mornings, just before the services began. We prayed. We talked through the order of service. We laughed, we cried, but this day we talked about divorce. In the room were the following players seated around a table: Bill & Beth Chaney, Foursquare District Supervisors; Neal & Amie Preston, Senior Pastors of the Foursquare Church; Jon & Stacy Feldschau, Connect Pastors (sorry, title had since a month); Technology Person at the Foursquare Church. I had rejected Neal's ultimatum. This was the equivalent of a Christian Co-Pastor Divorce Proceeding (intentional capital letters) and Bill Chaney was the presiding judge. The meeting took hours. But within the first few minutes, I had clarity. Bill immediately wanted to know who I had talked with. I wouldn't tell him. But I had a question for Bill...

When I met with Neal, in his truck, at Camp 9, and questioned him about why he fired me, this was his response: "Bill told me to do it." What? I asked what he meant. He told me that Bill thought it was what he should do, so he took the first opportunity to do it, over the phone. I was confused. So that was the first question I asked in our prayer room meeting.

Back to the Supervisor Meeting

I looked Bill in the eyes and asked him if he told Neal to fire me. He didn't answer. He just turned his head toward Neal, gave him a "you're in trouble" look, and without breaking gaze with Neal, responded to me: "No, I didn't tell Neal to fire you." He said it in a very authoritative parent/child in trouble, kind of way. Neal responded sheepishly, "Maybe I misunderstood." His head went down. Mine shot up. I got it. Bill was flexing, Neal was submitting. Everything came together in that moment. See, I knew more than what I was going to share in that meeting. I knew of a different relationship that Neal and Bill had, outside of the Supervisor/Pastor role. Bill-James-Neal. There was a such conflict of interest. I'll explain more in the next chapter. True authoritarian leaders believe in their own process. They believe that people need to be told "what to do" at all times. And full-blood, authoritarian leaders know their place on the pyramid chart and also know they need to submit to those above them. Neal was bowing, and Bill was King. It was apparent. And I saw it. One of them was lying. Neal would never sell out, and Bill would never admit to lying. At this point, for me, it wasn't about winning, it was about surviving. It was about understanding the corruption and peeling back the onion to reveal just how many layers there were. Unsolved Mysteries theme music playing in the background...

The People

The conversation shifted. Bill directed,

"What is best for the kingdom? How can we make it about the kingdom?"

Now, for the non-church people reading this, the kingdom reference Bill is referring to is simply: a group of church people who attend church. The wider view is simply: the kingdom includes all those who call themselves Christians in the world.

However, it's also a really, really narcissistic way that authoritarian leaders refer to their local church. The local church is the kingdom. Every kingdom needs a king. The people in the kingdom are under the king's rule and reign, which makes the king "higher" and the people "lower." No authoritarian pastor will admit it, but that's the verbiage used and that's often the meaning intended in these types of churches. The word authority is in heavy rotation. One very influential pastor said it this way to me: "Pastors are shepherds of sheep, and sheep are stupid animals. Our job is to lead the stupid." I didn't agree with him then, and I certainly don't agree with him now. All loving pastors I know would also disagree. But by asking those two "kingdom" questions, Bill was talking high-level chess. Pawns. What do we do about the pawns?

I want to be very clear about something. Stacy and I both love people. We have always loved people. We have friends. We have mentors. We have have friends who are mentors. We don't have a kingdom. We never led a kingdom. We have worked together with friends. If you read Jesus' story, you'll know he was a servant. And he loved people. I believe that to be the true heart of a pastor. A pastor is someone who serves people; people don't serve the pastor. This was a soap box moment brought to you by tear filled passion...back to the story...

It is for this very reason: we love people, that I couldn't accept Neal's ultimatum. In the meeting, he tried to use scripture to prove that his list of "pharisees" were ex-communicated from the church because they were spreading gossip about the church. (In Christian lingo, "pharisees" refers to people who were self-righteous or wicked "rule followers" while they, themselves, were actually hypocritical in their actions.) Neal's ultimatum: I was not to be their friends or associate with them. In reality, they weren't Pharisees, they just didn't agree with Neal and Amie or their leadership decisions. For good reasons. But it had to be: Prestons vs Them. The group of "them" was now well over a hundred. At some point you'd think they would look inward and ask themselves, "Are we the problem?" Nope.

After four hours of back and forth talk, this is what was decided: Jon would shut up; Neal would lead. I would leave quietly and plant another Foursquare church in the Kern River Valley. Here's the crazy part -- I was truly ok with it. Neal was truly ok with it, contrary to his current narrative that I split the church and have been against him and his family for years. Evidence shows otherwise. I didn't want the church to fail. I didn't want Neal to fail. I just knew I couldn't be under leadership led by this king. We made this video to send to leaders, then we decided to show it to the church. It's painful to watch. This video was filmed, by Bill Chaney, on my phone, in the prayer room, at the conclusion of this very meeting...I look exhausted and beat down. I was. But also note this: Recently, Neal shared publicly that I chose to split the church, years ago. This video shows how it was mutually agreed upon that we would have two separate churches, and it would be a "good thing". But again, even video evidence won't change the current perspective of a narcissist...they can never be wrong...even if the words came from their own mouth.

The following Sunday, March 25th, 2018, we made this statement together. It would be my last time on the stage at Wofford Heights Foursquare Church (other than a funeral). I was genuinely ok with leaving at this point. It felt refreshing to know two things. First, I wouldn't be tethered to Neal, and second, we would find a way to remain friends or at least friendly.

How the Hurt Began

Neal was absolutely fine with me leaving. He sent me on my merry way and both publicly and privately shared that he "thought it was a God thing." But this was before his "kingdom" began to leave as well. Let me be very clear again: Stacy and I never asked anyone to leave with us. And not everyone who left Wofford Heights Foursquare Church ended up with us. But people did leave. It wasn't all at once. But it was weekly, for months -- the next 12 of them. In the end, the entire church council (financial overseers) and almost every head ministry leader left the church. It was catastrophic. The "pawns" with money left as well. All in all approximately 70% of the church walked away. The line that so many have told me they heard from Neal's mouth, "Jon left and took all the tithers." That hurt him because it hindered the mission. And of course, it was my fault.


Let's clarify a few things, especially for those who don't at look people like pawns, and for those who don't understand church lingo. First, a general definition of a tither is this: someone who gives 10% of their income to the church. In the historical biblical definition of "tithing," 10% of income was given to the rulers of the community for religious purposes. Today, in a church, it is presented as a guide for how a family can give (donations) to a church, 10% of their income. When Neal accused me of taking all the "tithers," he essentially was saying, "Jon took all the money." Now that we have that out of the way, let's get back to the chess analogy. Authoritarian, narcissistic leaders treat people as pawns. People are a means to an end. Don't believe me? Jump off the mission, train, or movement, and see if they reach out to you to ask how you are doing. They don't.

They care about you as long as you care about their mission. When you no longer support their vision/mission with money or with time, you no longer exist in their world.

My definition of a pawn: An expendable commodity. It sounds really harsh, and I wish it weren't true, but for those who know, you've experienced it, or you are just now realizing it. I'm so sorry for this revelation. And you'll also soon see, I didn't "take" anyone. I don't have that power nor would I ever want it. Moving on...

April 1, 2018

This was the most ironic April 1st Easter of all time. I was at home, guitar in hand, and the Prestons led the services at Wofford Heights Foursquare Church on this Easter Sunday. Quite honestly, it was so relieving to know I didn't have to perform. But we weren't alone. About 40 people showed up at our house that morning -- some friends, some family, and some people who had been hurt over the years. They brought pop up tents for shade and camping chairs for seating. We sang songs in our side yard, in the dirt, and I read from the Bible. It was the start of a new church and I didn't even fully know it. The following week the numbers almost doubled. Each time people arrived at our house we would take time to hear their stories while setting up their pop up tents. Pain, hurt, heartache. It killed me inside. But I refused to blame. I know it sounds altruistic. But read my emails, my texts, my communication to both Foursquare and the Prestons. I wasn't aiming for this. I didn't ask for this. I cared for people, and the Prestons were people too. And I cared for their health and well being. I didn't defend their actions, but at this point, I wasn't set against them, I just wasn't for them. That's a big difference. But to a narcissist who isn't wrong...not being for them, IS being against them...

The Rejection

I'm writing this section at 8am on Thursday, March 23, 2023. I had already finished writing the rest of this post and passed it through my editor. I didn't want to include this part. It still hurts so much. Ultimately, I was rejected by my chosen church family. Since the time I was two years old, I grew up in a Foursquare church. I have my bachelor's degree from their university. I served on committees, led camps, and created videos for the denomination. I was a pastor with them for almost 20 years. Most of my current friends are still pastors or leaders. I was proud to call Foursquare my family. Every family has issues -- I get that. But a healthy family works through problems; they don't hide them. They don't discard their members. At the time of our separation, I was told by Bill Chaney that Foursquare would support us. I was told by the (then) President of Foursquare that I had his support. Then, within a few weeks, I received this letter from Supervisor Bill Chaney.

(I apologize for those reading on a mobile device)

One section cut deep:

"Please be advised that since you no longer have a Foursquare appointment, your license is now inactive, which means, among other things, that you no longer have authority as a Foursquare Minister to perform weddings or claim a housing allowance. There are certain other ways and other organizations from which to receive such authority, but please do not mistakenly assume such authority, which may jeopardize others, as well as yourself."

Rejection. This letter came to me three weeks after talking with Bill about how we'd like to plant another Foursquare Church. We proposed an elder-led model (multiple leaders in charge, not just one king to rule them all) and asked if we could be overseen by a different set of leaders within Foursquare. We asked for "dual association" which I explain in the email below. Sent to both Bill & Neal.

(click on arrow to expand)

Moving Forward - Email to Bill & Neal

Why Southern Baptist? Let me explain the "why". Remember, at this point in time Neal was the Foursquare Area Pastor, so if we planted a Foursquare church in the Kern River Valley, he would be our direct overseer. Conflict of interest. What I was asking for had been allowed (in other churches) under what is called "Foursquare Association" or Foursquare by Association. I wanted to hold my pastoral license through Foursquare, yet be outside of it's local authority, while still being under the authority of Southern Baptist and the local church elders. Bill rejected my proposal, told me there was no scriptural basis for an elder-led model (he was wrong), and said my proposal was "abhorrent to Foursquare." He then sent the above letter, declaring my Foursquare license inactive. I was caught in an authoritarian "Good ol' Boys Club" nightmare. I waited for a couple of weeks, then reached out directly to the Foursquare President, Glen Burris. See the message below.

(Click the first image to expand, then scroll right)

I was excited about his response. It's what I was hoping for all along. I emailed Bill, per Glen's request.

(click on arrow to expand)

Foursquare Association Possibility - Email to Bill

I never heard back from either of them. My Foursquare family had completely abandoned me. I recounted these events when I spoke with the new Foursquare leadership this past week, in March, 2023. I was in tears while sharing the story with them. They accepted responsibility. For the first time. And while the response was still very cautionary, their exact words were these:

Those relationships (Bill, James, Neal) created a closed system that didn’t allow for more of an unbiased look at what was happening.

At least there was an admission. The rest of that conversation will be the topic in a future post.

June 8, 2018

Neal was ready to meet with me. I'm not sure why, at this particular point in time, he felt ready, but apparently he had worked through enough of the "hurt" I caused him and was able to look me in the eye...he was accompanied by Johnny Nash. I We met in Kernville, at Riverside Park. After arriving around the same time, we found a table, sat down, and began a conversation.

His perspective was this: He felt more beat up in the last month than any other time in his life.

I'm guessing the reason was this: we requested that any leader or tither wouldn't "jump" from Wofford Heights Foursquare to "Life Church" (the name of our new church) without first sitting down with Neal (and/or Amie) and explaining why they were leaving. Because of that request, he had to endure many meetings with people sharing their issues with him and his wife. Each family had their own individual reasons why they would be leaving. They ranged from hurt, financial mistrust, authoritarian leadership, lack of care and more. Neal and Amie were shocked. They kept pushing that "the vision/mission" was strong. People told them over and over they wanted a church family that would care for them and love them.

We encouraged, and even asked, our friends to stay with them. Over and over we asked people to not jump ship just because we were leaving. Over and over, we heard this response from them, "We were a week or two away from leaving anyway." And, we didn't tell them this story. In fact, most of them are reading these details and hearing these stories for the first time, five years later - because we didn't want to cause division. But nothing can ever be a narcissist's fault; someone else had to be blamed for all those people leaving the church. Rather than taking ownership over their faults, they made me the enemy and charged me with ill-intent and scheming to "steal the tithers." Even though for months after leaders had left "his" church, I asked them to go back to teach, train, and help keep the Foursquare church alive and well. I even helped them with technology-related training. At this point I wasn't against them, I just wasn't with them.

One of the key moments in our meeting was when Neal said this,

"You broke your word to me." I asked how? He responded, "You told me we would be working together, everyday, for the rest of our lives and now that it’s tough or hard, you quit."

I let him know it was a bit more complicated than that. His response, "Well, let me know if I've ever broken my word like you broke yours." I didn't have a response in the moment, I let him know it. I responded two weeks later after a lot of thought, via email. You can download the original email and Neal's response. FYI, his response never involved a follow up conversation. He never got back to me.

June 2018 Neal Email
Download PDF • 154KB

Email to Neal - June 21, 2018

When we met two weeks ago you let me know that we could not meet again until I apologized for breaking my word to you. When I asked what that meant, you stated:

“You told me we would be working together, everyday, for the rest of our lives and now that it’s tough or hard, you quit.”

I told you, in return, "it’s more complicated than that." You also asked me to let you know if you’ve ever broken your word. I took some time to think before reacting, but these are some examples of how you've broken your word over the years:

  1. Early in 2014, after talking through values, I let you and Amie know that having family time together and “hang out” time together was extremely important for growth as partners. James Ranger agreed. You and Amie said you’d make sure this was a priority. You did not. At all. Even while knowing the importance of it.

  2. In 2015 you recanted merging all business ventures together. In 2014 we were partners. In 2015 you said we only merged “the Faith Community church”, not Enforum. Since then you’ve operated Enforum without a board, accountability, and have taken about 30K a year in tax deductible donations that feed your personal LLC (Asha Faith James) owned property. I called you out on it in 2017, in an effort to try and help you fix the problems, and you didn’t pursue making it right. Your only response was “don’t tell Amie, she will be mad.” I feel this counts as breaking your word to both myself and the people who support you because they have no clue what you bring in for income from their donations. You currently receive approximately $112,000 a year in personal income from tax deductible donations. Both from church salary $82,000 and Enforum building donated funds $30,000 that fund your personally (Asha Faith James) owned building mortgage. Not including any funds you receive from “On Track” related resources or consulting that you have used church time and resources to pursue.

  3. You and Amie not only minimized Stacy as a valued part of the team, you cut her off.

  4. We agreed to co-pastor, everyday, forever. Equals. That was the word given. I brought you in to the church, went to bat for you to have equal salary, and led by your side. However, you broke that word each time you tried to take control as:

    1. CEO, 2015

    2. Tip of the Spear Leader, 2016

    3. Sole Senior Pastor, 2017

    4. Demoting me to “Technology Employee” with a 50% salary cut, early 2018

    5. Firing me over the phone, March, 2018

    6. Giving me an ultimatum that included severing relationships and regulating friendships, also March 2018

  5. On Monday, March 19th, over the phone, you fired me. The following Thursday you denied it, the following Monday you admitted to it but said Bill Chaney asked you to do it. The following week Bill denied asking you to do it. Regardless of who was lying, you or Bill, the fact remained that you did it. I have an email apology from Bill to prove it. My question is only: how is that friendship or “having my back?” How is that keeping your word?

I could go on, in much more detail, but these examples are enough. I know you say that “I hurt you deeper than anyone ever in your life.” Neal, that hurt goes both ways. And it hasn’t been all at once. You and Amie have hurt myself and my wife deeply over the years. That said, I am sorry for hurting you, because I know that hurt is real to you. But I also know the source of your hurt isn’t me. Because I don’t hate you, dislike you, or consider myself set against you. I am simply not with you anymore.

My heart hurts for the little boy who still struggles with abandonment. My heart hurts for the unresolved issues from the past that I can see are clouding your judgment in the present. Why? Because I want you to succeed. Not just in “church” or “leadership” but in life. But while there is a strong part of me that hurts for you as a man and as my friend, there is also the part of me that must hold to values and convictions when I see injustice and conscience decisions that cripple others, in the name of Jesus.

You told me, on the phone, the night you fired me, “This isn’t me doing this, this is God’s will. If it was me, I couldn’t do it, I’m not strong enough, but God wants this.” You then recanted it a week later. Which is it? Am I leaving you or did God tell you I was suppose to leave? It can’t be both based on whichever angle works best.

You are upset because I left. But I left alone. Others did follow. But that was not because they were asked, it’s because they felt they needed to leave. That’s it. I know it probably seems easier to take on the role of victim, but what if, just maybe, the truth lies in the middle as it usually does? Remember that I am now the one without a title, position, church building, or full time salary. No assets, no structure, no stage. Yet you are telling people that I left and took the “tithers.” I did not. What if people actually left for the reasons they talked with you about? What if I actually left because what I said above is true? What if? I really hope you can think about it Neal, and eventually own it.

You talk often about how humble and broken you are, but humble people don’t usually have to tell others they are humble or broken. They just walk in it. I know you love Jesus, you love your family, and you love people. My prayer for you is that the decisions you make moving forward will reflect that love and not get twisted or filtered through past hurt or unresolved loyalty and abandonment. I want to still be your friend. The one that will “stab you in the front and not the back” as you have often asked me to do. And as I’m trying to do in this letter. I want to feel that I can still share hard truths (like what is written here) for the betterment of YOU, not for any personal gain. Think about it. I don’t gain anything for myself by taking time and writing this to you. This information sits perfectly fine in my head and can stay there without causing me havoc. But by writing and sending this to you, I’m taking a gamble. You could easily mis-quote or use these words against me. You could share them with others and try and make it look like I’m against you. But I’m willing to take that risk because I’m writing this because I care, love you, and want you to succeed. Regardless of whether you believe that or not. So I’ll stop now. I hope you will reply in either written form or a call or meeting, but I also won’t hold you to that expectation. Love, Jon.

My Journal - (Back to June 8th, 2018)

I have not posted something this vulnerable so far. However, I need to show you the note I took on the actual day of our park meeting, June 8th, 2018. It was written directly after meeting with Neal (and Johnny) and before I processed everything and wrote my response to Neal in the email I shared above. He's never seen this. No one has.

In that unsent letter, I referenced "10 notes I've written." My last chapter will contain some of those notes, with date and time stamps. They will show the progression of abuse over the years and my inability, at the time, to recognize it for what it was. I hope it serves as both a warning to those who are currently in the indoctrination process and as a sincere apology to those whom I didn't stand up for. I am so so sorry.

However, what came next, in late spring of 2018, as we were starting our new church, and picking up the pieces of broken hopes and dreams, was the worst yet. And, when Neal shared his rebuttal video last week, he referenced a letter he wrote in 2018 as "evidence" that I've been against him for years. What he didn't realize, by making that letter public, is that the contents of the letter revealed the depths of corruption in Foursquare leadership. And Foursquare has confirmed it....but that's for next week.

At the bottom of this post there is a way for you to share it. If you could take a few seconds and share on social media or via email, it will help additional people who are struggling with spiritual, emotional, or psychological abuse. We've had so many people reach out to us, literally every day, with their own stories. Stories that they felt they could never share. We refer them to counselors and pastors who can help bring healing. Thank you in advance for contributing to their health.


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