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Mar 05, 2023
In Your Story
Much dis-sention was happening amongst the congregation when Jon announced Neil as Co- pastor. John told the congregation to be quiet. Neil was his friend and he didn't want to hear any gossip from the congregation about Neil. Saying " The only Sin that could send us to hell was "GOSSIPING" Vicki Pufahl and I looked at one another knowing full well " The only sin that could send us to Hell was Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit" Realizing what Jon said was meant to intimidate us to just shut up. Vicki was called into the office first She was told she had a "Religious Spirit" and was never to cross the threshold of Foursquare ever again. I was called into the office next but I refused to let them humiliate me. I went back to Foursquare one last time. Cried my tears, said my goodbyes to my home church and walked Away on my own. Before I walked out the door Marc handed me a note stating that I had a Religious Spirit which needed to be dealt with! Guess "Religious Spirit" was the spiritual term used to degrade anyone who dis-agreed with the direction our church was now headed towards. Much heartache, Darlene Studdard


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